WATCH: Gay Russian Soldiers Kiss in 'Moscow'

By: Brandon Voss

Tilda Swinton would love this!

In the video for "Moscow," a song from Autoheart's debut album Punch, an growing attraction between two Russian soldiers climaxes with a gay kiss in front of the Kremlin.

“Moscow is a song about the daft optimism of being in love, when you just want to run away with that person, dream about being together forever, the house, the dog, and nothing else matters," writes the London-based indie pop group. "

It has long been one of our favourite tracks — and for us, it has more relevance now than ever.


The band also addresses Russia's antigay laws and the same-sex couples who were violently attacked and then arrested for their same-sex kissing protest in Moscow. "These laws only serve to protect intolerance, ignorance, homophobia and hate crimes," they continue, providing a link to an All Out petition supporting our Russian brothers and sisters. "Wouldn't it be amazing if one day everyone all consenting adults could be free to love who they want to without fear of persecution?"

Check out the video below.