WATCH: In Bed and In Therapy With Colton Ford

By: Brandon Voss

Colton Ford has never looked so innocent and virginal!

The former adult film star and silver daddy dance-pop artist rolls around naked in luxurious white sheets β€” hey, if you've still got it, still flaunt it β€” in his dreamy new music video for β€œAll My Love,” directed by Aaron Cobbett with RuPaul-filter bits-blurring.

"All My Love" is a single from Colton's new album The Way I Am, which he recently told us was "the biggest, most mainstream record that I've done to date."

Check out the "All My Love" video below, plus the latest episode of Here TV's OUT Face To Face, in which Colton chats about the new album, being in therapy, and much more.

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