WATCH: One Directioner Gays It Up in 'Best Song Ever' Teaser

By: Brandon Voss

Well, Lance Bass predicted there was probably a gay one.

One Direction has been teasing the upcoming release of their new video, "Best Song Ever," which looks like it's going to be epic. Best of all, the boy banders are giving you old-school sketch comedy characters!

In one brief video tease, Liam Payne is all dolled up as a “Leeroy,” a flamboyant choreographer who looks trapped in an ’80s workout video with a pink headband and matching leg warmers. “Ooh, I love your blouse, it goes great with your eyes,” he says to no one off-camera with awkward sass.

OK, maybe he's not the gay one after all. We're still holding out hope for the ones who like to kiss.

The song and full video for "Best Song Ever" — the featured track in their bromantic This Is Us documentary trailer and the first taste of their upcoming third album — are both out Monday.

Check out the "Leeroy" tease below.