WATCH: This Gay Singer's Powerful Pop Anthem May Change the World

By: Brandon Voss

Daniel Sobrino is more than his hair.

Based in L.A. but originally from Mexico City, the young out artist is getting great buzz for his inspirational new video "The Power of Us," a must-see for negative Nancys — and you know who you are.

So excited to finally share with all of you my first music video ever," Daniel writes. "This is a song that is inspired by my daily life. I am always amazed by how much we can affect people with our thoughts and behaviors, and how much we can do to change the world we live in. But sometimes we forget about that, and affect people in a bad way with our negativity. The pain can disappear, and love can save us all. Through this song I want to tell people that we should always believe in ourselves and the people that are in our lives. We should spread all the positive energy around us cause 'the power of us can make a change!'"

Check out the video below and let us know what you think. Don't forget to stay positive!