WATCH: Boy George Is Still the 'King of Everything'

By: Brandon Voss

Younger readers may know him best as that guy who said the One Direction boys were "probably all bisexual," but we love and respect Boy George for the “militantly gay” pop legend that he is.

Preparing to drop his first studio album of original material in 18 years, This Is What I Do, on Oct. 28, the outspoken legend just released a new single, "King of Everything," and an accompanying video collage of amazing photos and clips featuring the former Culture Club frontman's most iconic looks. Take notes, Gaga!

The brief retrospective begins with George's appearance on The Tonight Show with Joan Rivers when he was 22, and it ends with wise words from the late Freddie Mercury: “I don’t think Boy George is going to come and go. I think Boy George is going to be here a long while.”

Check out the clip below.