WATCH: They'll Never Be Straight Boys in This Gay 'Royals' Parody

By: Brandon Voss

The song "Royals" by Lorde is topping the charts, so it was only a matter of time before it got a gay parody. In fact, thanks to YouTuber Daveo Falaveo and his sassy roommate Gered Duke, it might just be the gayest parody video you'll see all year.

It's also a royal hot mess, but we just had to share.

Sample lyric: "But everybody's like / 
He's like so gay
 / Walking like a lady
 / he'll never be able 
to have a baby.
 / We don't care
. / Were ridin' straight boys in our dreams. / And we'll never be Straight Boys (Straight Boys). / 
It's not in our blood
. / That kinda love just ain't for us. / 
We crave the penis way too much."

Oh, Lorde! You'll either despise these queens or want to be their best friend. Those are your only two choices.