Q&A Quickie: Kenyth Mogan, Wholesome Gay Musician

By: Savas Abadsidis

For Kenyth Mogan, being out — and "wholesome" — is an integral part of his identity. And with his exciting new EP Fall Apart, the cute singer-songwriter hopes to open your ears while making the world a better place. Already working on new music, Kenyth chats with Gay.net about "WeHo Boys" and growing up gay in Montana.

Gay.net: Why is it important for you to align your sexual identity with your songwriting?
Kenyth Mogan: My sexuality has always been a part of me, but it has never defined me. While I have experienced homophobia firsthand, I have also had very loving and wonderful people to stand beside and up for me. If I were to try and hide or deny my sexuality now I would do those who fought for me a great disservice.

Tell me about your upcoming song “WeHo Boys."
"WeHo Boys" is a parody song of Katy Perry’s “California Gurls.” It’s a very Pride-oriented track and something I wanted to give to Andrew Christian to see if he could use it in one of his social videos. 

What's the single best thing you learned growing up in small-town Montana?
That if I, as a gay man, can come from where I came from and live through what I’ve lived through, anyone can. Yes, there have been some extreme ups but also extreme lows in my life. If I can make it, so can anyone else out there.

What does being a "wholesome gay" mean?
It means that your Grindr profile does not show your face! [Laughs] But seriously… It means that not every gay man has to be an oversexed, drug addicted, party-animal, nor are we muscle-headed steroid monkeys. I’m the typical everyman. I want everyone one to be able to relate to me. 

What other projects are you involved in?
Well, I’m working on a mini-EP for next year’s Pride that will include a cover of Belinda Carlisle’s “Live Your Life Be Free” which I’m very excited about. I’m also going to record a duet with another out artist Brendan Velasquez. Life is definitely very busy but very fun.

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Photo: J. Everette Perry