WATCH: Kylie Minogue's Lyric Video for 'Into the Blue'

By: Alex Panisch

Normally lyric videos are nothing more than typography porn for font nerds and ways for tweens who can’t use Spotify to get free music off Youtube. Then there are Kylie’s lyric videos. While other artists are fine just letting the design department run point from start to finish, Kylie at least puts in a half-day to pose and writhe. Remember “Skirt”? That’s what we’re talking about.

“Into the Blue,” is another bubbly dance-pop track from the woman who owns the genre — Ke$ha, Katy take a seat. The track is the first single off Minogue’s upcoming studio album Kiss Me Once, her first since 2010’s Aphrodite.

You can download “Into the Blue” and pre-order Kiss Me Once here , which  drops March 18 on Warner Bros. Records/ Parlophone. Now check out the “Into the Blue” lyric video below!