The 8 Stages of 'Singles Awareness Day' Grief in Pop Songs

By: Kevin OKeeffe

He hasn't called, won't tweet you back, and you're getting awfully nervous for V-Day. What are your plans? Where are you going? Who's ordering you a dozen of overpriced red roses?

Unfortunately, it's time to face facts: you're looking at being single on the holiest of Hallmark holidays — Valentine's Day — or, as it's known in the loneliest and most cynical circles, "Singles Awareness Day."

But you don't necessarily need to be sad on this SAD! It's really a choice. How about letting some of your favorite pop divas take you through the various stages of Singles Awareness Day grief, so you can get over him and get back to loving yourself. Hell, you can even win prizes this year from for simply being your own Valentine!


1. DENIAL: "Can't Remember to Forget You," Shakira f/ Rihanna
What? Stop being silly. Of course he’s going to call you. You’d do anything for that boy, as Shaki and Riri sing in their new duet “Can’t Remember to Forget You.” And when he looks at you -- or, you know, when you look at him, or his photo, probably when you’re Facebook stalking him -- you can only remember the great times! So you’re definitely still together. And he’s definitely gonna call.


2. ANGER: "You Oughta Know," Alanis Morrisette
Oh my God. He’s not going to call. That asshole. You’re done with him, for good this time! So you’re gonna let him know it. Channel your inner Alanis and scream it out to “You Oughta Know” -- you’ll feel better after you let it all out.

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