6 Solid Songs Protesting Putin's Antigay Russia

By: Alex Panisch

The Olympic Games have always been considered a political event. However, this year more than ever, politics have been front and center thanks to the host nation's anti-gay laws, snubs from world leaders and protests around the globe. (NBC Sports may as well be CNN.)

While people continue to speak out, these musicians are waxing anti-Putin poetics. Here are our six favorite songs sung in protest of Russia’s anti-gay policies and human rights abuses.

1. When you think “protest music” and “Russia,” you think Pussy Riot. The Agit-pop punk collective have become the poster grrls for anti-Putin protesting. 


2. Potpourri of Pearls’ somewhat lewd club track—featuring the always fabulous Justin Vivian Bond—might do to the world “Sochi” the same thing Dan Savage did to the word “Santorum.” 


3. Not really a song in protest of Putin’s anti-gay laws, but it’s impossible not to find significance and maybe even prescience in the Gay Men’s Chorus of Los Angeles singing “We Shall Overcome” in Moscow in 1999.