Watch Jennifer Lopez's Man Candy-Filled Video (Preferably on Mute)

By: Stacy Lambe

Jennifer Lopez is making another go at the charts with the new single, "I Luh Ya Papi" featuring French Montana.

Spelling problems aside, she makes up for a mediocre track with a juicy video filled with a bunch of man candy. Apparently, where ever Lopez is, it's always summer. But hey, we're not complaining. All the guys are just what we need to shed the winter blues. (And pounds... oops.)

So like J. Lo says in the video, let's exploit the men...

I promise there is a video somewhere in this post.

FYI, the guys are wearing Charlie by Matthew Zink swimwear, available here.

Watch all the exploits below, but Iit's recommended to put it on mute.

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