Grab a Towel and Add Kylie's 'Sexercize' to Your Gym Playlist

By: Stacy Lambe

If you needed any motivation to go to the gym, let it be Kylie Minogue's new video for "Sexercize," the second single from her new album, Kiss Me Once. The steamy setting has the singer working out on everything from a pommel horse to ab balls. Of course, she looks way sexier doing it than we ever would, but that's why she's Kylie.

Whew, we need a towel... Meanwhile, sexy is nothing new for the singer but "Sexercize" wasn't always on the new album. We'll let Kylie explain from Out's new interview.

“It was Sia who said to me about halfway through the album, ‘We need some sex.’ And I was like, ‘I think you’re right. We need a bit of heat on this.’ So we went from having no songs that did that to having three. I think when you look at them on paper and you see ‘sex, sex, sex’ it does look like a bit too much — but anyway, don’t good things come in three? We don’t want sex. We don’t want sex, sex. Let’s have sex, sex, sex.”

And now that you've watched the official video, let's move on to Kylie teaching a group of hunky underwear models about the secrets to successful Sexercizing. Watch below.