The 12 Campiest Classic Pop Songs Ever Recorded

By: Christopher Harrity

All right, millennials — learn this!

These were the songs that struggling young drag performers lip-synched to in dank gay bars and cabarets. These were the songs that stood in for declarations of your desire for same-sex passion. These were the songs we drank to, laughed at, and often called our own.

What are your most memorable camp classics? Share your favorites in the comments section below.

Beatrice Lillie: "There's a Faerie in the Bottom of My Garden," 1924
Lady Peel, as she was known to her many homosexual admirers, Noël Coward among them, was the queen of drop-dead dry delivery. Everyone knew the double and triple entendres foisted here.

Johnnie Ray: "Cry," 1951
Johhnie Ray was a beautiful disaster. Drinking and drugging buddy of Judy Garland (he was the best man at her last wedding to gay man, Mickey Deans), he was a bundle of raw emotions and delirium tremens, but what a delivery.

June Christy: "Something Cool," 1954
The best alcoholic anthem ever about delusions of grandeur and promiscuity.

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