Ricky Martin Changes Lyrics in Protest of Morocco's Antigay Laws

By: Jase Peeples

While performing his hit love ballad "She’s All I Ever Had" at the 13th Mawazine World Rhythms Festival in Rabat, Morocco, Ricky Martin switched the pronoun from "she" to "he" in a subtle protest of the country’s antigay laws, reports ThinkProgress.

The change was inserted for a brief moment as he sang, "It's the way he makes me feel / It’s the only thing that’s real / It’s the way he understands / He’s my lover, he’s my friend / When I look into his eyes it’s the way I feel inside / Like the man I want to be / He’s all I ever need."

Homosexuality is currently a crime in Morocco, punishable by imprisonment under article 489 of the country’s penal code.

Though Martin’s pronoun switch didn’t land the singer in hot water with Moroccan authorities, others continue to be arrested in the country for being gay. As recently as last month, six Moroccan men were convicted of homosexuality and face up to three years in prison.

Watch a snippet of Martin’s subtle protest in the video below.