Coming Out: Colby Melvin Tells His Story

By: The Underwear Expert

In a touching look at the challenges of coming out to family and coworkers, Colby Melvin shared his experience on camera in this exclusive video.

Produced by both Melvin and Hawk the World Productions, the video's candid look at the difficulties and rewards of honesty is both bittersweet and inspiring. Melvin recorded the video in honor of National Coming Out Day.

Colby Melvin was raised in the South before he was discovered and started his modeling career with Andrew Christian. After appearing in several campaigns for the underwear brand, Melvin has received recognition and applause for his continued work. He recently appeared in Andrew Christian's Road Trip: Part Two

Check out the video below. Have you had to come out to your family? Has someone you loved come out to you? Let us know in the comments below. Visit The Underwear Expert for more on Colby Melvin and National Coming Out Day.

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