Nude Golf Team Suspended - Captain Jack Hiscock Appeals

By: Joe Thompson

Bethany College—a Lutheran school in Lindsborg, Kansas, and home of the Fighting Swedes— suspended its entire golf team for three tournaments as punishment for taking a semi-nude photo and posting it on their Facebook page. No balls or drivers are seen in the image, but clearly they're hidden under the golfing gear.

Golf coach Jon Daniels says all 15 members of the men's team were involved in taking the hilltop picture; no word on how closely he had to examine the photo to confirm this fact. According to KAKE News, Daniels said that "the boys were inspired by pictures of the UCLA men's players who posed with a bucket of golf balls in front of their private parts. Those pictures were published in the magazine Golf Digest and Sports Illustrated."

The coach talked to the boys about upholding the Lutheran college's reputation and suspended them.

The story reports that team captain Jack Hiscock (I'm sorry, WHAT?) said "it was just a bit of fun that got blown out of proportion." (Which is one argument why you should never waste your time blowing bits of fun.) The team has appealed the suspension to the college president.

So who is the deliciously-named and devilishly handsome Captain Jack Hiscock? We did some poking around and came on this stuff:

•He's got an 18 Hole Individual Record 65 (7 under) at Bethany College
•He's also got a 36 Hole Individual Record 66, 69 at Bethany College
No, we have no idea what any of that means, but that sounds like a lot of holes and one successful 69.

More info: Like the kids on Glee his biggest fear is "Not going to Nationals." He's also got a "Dream Foursome-John Daly, Seve Ballesteros, Slick Rick" and he'd love to trade places with Jesus Christ; unfortunately, we're not sure if Jesus would approve of a foursome with Slick Rick.

His player page also says: "Ball Marker-Whatever is in the Bag" (we prefer to think he was going to say "sack" but knew the college wouldn't approve), and his hobbies (plural) is/are "Lifting Heavy Weights."

Us too!

Get more of the story in the video below.


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