Guess Who Wants To Make Homosexuality A Felony Offense?

By: Christopher Donaldson

Bryan Fischer, spokesman for the American Family Association, that’s who. And he would also like you to know that he compares the Supreme Court’s ruling on Lawrence v. Texas, which decriminalized sodomy laws, to an act of “tyranny.”

According to The Advocate, this is what Fischer had to say on his radio show Monday: “By the time of the founding until the late 20th Century, homosexual activity was a felony offense in the United States of America, there is no reason why it cannot be a criminal offense once again.”

You would assume that the American Family Association, with its wishful opposition to government intervention, spending and restrictive regulations, would oppose using public, taxpayer money to prosecute 10% of the general population across all 50 states. Because, you know, that sounds like totally expensive. That sounds like it would cost hard-workin’ Americans billions and billions of dollars, and would require cash starved states to build an unforeseeable number of new prisons. GAY PRISONS!

You would also assume that they would oppose big government telling them what they can and cannot do inside the bedroom.

But we should already know by now that the American Family Association operates under a 24-karat cloak of religious entitlement, resentment, and seething stupidity—stumbling, uncomfortable, knuckle-handed stupidity on its very own path of least resistance.

Watch video below.

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