Proposal Asks San Francisco Nudists to Cover Up

By: Jase Peeples

California’s City by the Bay doesn’t have a habit of conforming when it comes to forms of expression. In fact San Francisco has a reputation for its unique scenery, liberal politics, and even fashion—or in this case, lack of fashion.

Nudists are currently free roam the city streets so long as they are not aroused and on any given day one or more naked bodies can be seen strolling down the sidewalk in the historic Castro district.

However, new legislation proposed by Supervisor Scott Weiner will have nudists covering up their, um, wiener if it passes.

“This is a city where people do like to express themselves and sometimes you have to reign that in a little bit,” Weiner told CBS San Francisco. “Public nudity has become a bigger and bigger issue in the Castro.”

Nevertheless, the Supervisor’s plan wouldn’t take away the right to bear all on the city streets; it would simply set some ground rules instead.

Citing health concerns for the reasoning behind his proposal, Weiner’s new legislation would require nudists to cover chairs before they sit down if they are naked and cover up if they wished to enter a restaurant.

Some nudists in the area don’t seem to mind the Supervisor’s proposal, saying the legislation is already considered “nudist etiquette”, but one San Francisco resident isn’t convinced that Weiner’s plan has anything to do with sanitation.

“He wants to legislate about nudity,” Castro resident John Vlanides told CBS San Francisco. “He doesn’t want legislate about [cleanliness.]”

Weiner’s proposal still has to be run by the Health & Safety Commissions, but if everything checks out he hopes to have the new legislation pass by the end of the year.

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