Weigh In: Your Life Without Homophobia

By: Scott Ragan

Imagine your life in a world where homophobia doesn't exist.

It may sound like we're chasing moonbeams and rainbows, but for hundreds of gay New Yorkers, it was a question worth investigating in a new study.

Advocate contributor Ivan Villanueva reports that the journal of Sexuality Research and Social Policy asked, "What do you think your life would be like without homophobia, racism, or sexism?"

Four hundred lesbian, gay, and bisexual New Yorkers participated in the study, which wanted to document how sexual minorities experience social stigma and inequality.

Some of the responses in the article included:

  • "We would be able to hold hands in public, and kiss in any restaurant."
  • "It would be peaceful. I would be free to be my own self without looking over my shoulder."
  • "We would have better access to resources, such as education, career opportunities."

How would your life be impacted without homophobia? Let us know in the comments below, then read the full article and check out more images at Advocate.com.

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