The Muppets Are Brainwashing Communists, Says Fox News

By: Christopher Donaldson

Ah, Fox News. Uncomfortable with what’s really going on in the world, it recently offered a particularly misguided way to put income equality and the Occupy Wall Street movement in perspective (Hint: Kermit and Miss Piggy obviously don’t understand that oil companies are people too).

Last week on “Follow the Money,” host Eric Bolling and his band of angry looking white people with privileged backgrounds and vaguely great hair finally identified the biggest threat facing America today: the Disney-released film, “The Muppets” (in a theater near you).

Beneath all of the film’s popularity, apparently, lurks something totally frightening in its portrayal of the character Tex Richman, an evil oil baron (played by Academy Award winner Chris Cooper) who sets out to destroy the Muppets theater.

According to Bolling and guest Dan Gainor, of the conservative Media Research Center, Tex Richman represents nothing but Hollywood's willful attempt to brainwash innocent children with a certain liberal agenda, including communism and distrust in corporate America—particularly the oil industry and its executives. Waka, waka, waka.

“It's amazing how far the left will go just to manipulate your kids, to convince them, give the anti-corporate message," Gainor said in a voice sounding like an air conditioner.

"They've been doing it for decades. Hollywood, the left, the media, they hate the oil industry," he continued. "They hate corporate America. And so you'll see all these movies attacking it, whether it was 'Cars 2,' which was another kids' movie, the George Clooney movie 'Syriana,' 'There Will Be Blood,' all these movies attacking the oil industry, none of them reminding people what oil means for most people: fuel to light a hospital, heat your home, fuel an ambulance to get you to the hospital if you need that. And they don't want to tell that story."

It would have been useful if Gainor stopped there, but of course he didn’t. And he didn’t lose any confidence blaming "The Muppets," and other films unlike it, for Occupy Wall Street.

"This is what they're teaching our kids. You wonder why we've got a bunch of Occupy Wall Street people walking around all around the country, they've been indoctrinated, literally, for years by this kind of stuff," Gainor wailed. "Whether it was 'Captain Planet' or Nickelodeon's 'Big Green Help,' or 'The Day After Tomorrow,' the Al Gore-influenced movie, all of that is what they're teaching, is that corporations is bad, the oil industry is bad, and ultimately what they're telling kids is what they told you in the movie 'The Matrix:' That mankind is a virus on poor old mother Earth.”

In the presence of these lunatics, we can safely assume some of the same things about faux Fox News: "a virus on poor old mother Earth."

Watch the video below. (via The Huffington Post)