Men Don’t Think About Sex All Day Long, Researchers Say

By: Christopher Donaldson

No, people, men don’t think about sex all day long, researchers at Ohio State University report in a new study scheduled for publication in the January issue of the Journal of Sex Research.

Mining data from 120 male college students between the ages of 18 and 25, the study confirms that we think about other enraptured, biological things too like food and sleep, despite what people are always saying. In fact, men think about sex only 19 times per day, or once every 50 minutes in the span of 16 hours. The rest of the time we’re busy stuffing our brains with 18 thoughts of food and almost 11 thoughts of sleep.

But for godsakes, proving we’re not a bunch of hot monkeys having a fantastic time down by the river certainly highlights the mundanity of the everyday. Here to help push away the existential agst is Anderson Cooper in a bunny suit entertaining Bonobo apes.




(via Gawker)