NBC Spotlights Anorexia Among Boys And Young Men

By: Scott Ragan

A few months ago we posed a question to our readers in a post called "Is Our Body Obsession Hurting Young Boys?" This came after The Today Show aired a segment on the growing popularity of bodybuilding among teen boys. This week NBC Nightly News further expanded on the topic of male-oriented body issues in the revealing report "Boys dying to be thin: the new face of anorexia." Below are excerpts from NBC writer Yardena Schwartz's article spotlighting three young men who battled anorexia - two of them who received treatment - and one who eventually died from the disease.

Brick, N.J.: Lindsey Avon and her 28-year-old husband Victor have been together for 10 years. But when Victor decided to lose some weight in college, Lindsey had no idea what he was really going through. It wasn’t until Victor checked himself into an inpatient eating disorder treatment center that Lindsey, 29, realized her then-boyfriend was fatally anorexic.


Santa Cruz, Calif.: Nearly all of Avi Sinai’s school friends were girls, who constantly talked about how “fat” they were and how they longed to be thinner. Avi’s mom and his girlfriends’ mothers were shocked that Avi, just 10 at the time, was the one who succumbed to the obsession with being skinny.


Okemos, Mich.: Susan Barry, 60, spends every day wishing she had known more about male anorexia when her son, TJ Warschefsky, was still alive. He died in 2007 at the age of 22 after an eight-year battle with the disease. His heart gave out in the middle of his nightly routine of 1,000 sit-ups. He weighed 78 pounds. “He didn’t want to be skinny,” Barry said of TJ, who was a star athlete and straight-A student. “He wanted a six pack, he wanted rock hard abs. That’s how it all started.”

Watch the full NBC Nightly News video report below, which originally aired on 2/22.

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