WATCH: The Controversial Tony Perkins Ad MSNBC Might Not Want You to See

By: Christopher Donaldson

Quite a few Christians have been worried about closeted homosexual committed heterosexual Tony Perkins lately.

In fact, more than 20,000 of them would very much like if MSNBC removed the homophobe who compares homosexuals to child molesters in equal measure from its airwaves (that obnoxious little place where Perkins has appeared a total of 23 times since 2010, more than any other news network according to Faithful America, an online group dedicated to countering “misinformation in the media” about people of faith, even the gay ones).

But the so-called “liberal media” giant apparently operates from two very distinct sides. One side is a well-respected news source while the other side is always in the habit of giving Tony Perkins, president of the Family Research Council—designated a “hate group” by the Southern Poverty Law Center—a shiny digital platform on which he can often be heard making derogatory and fantastical claims about the LGBT community.

Nonetheless, television executives are not as easy to pin down as you might think. On Wednesday, MSNBC rejected Faithful America’s request to air its salty and delicious ad that calls on people everywhere to “tell MSNBC that Tony Perkins doesn’t speak for your faith.”

“Clearly MSNBC doesn’t want its viewers to know the truth about one of their frequent guests,” Faithful America head Michael Sherrard said in a news release, as reported by The Advocate’s Trudy Ring. “If network executives consider Tony Perkins’s false and hateful rhetoric about gays and lesbians inappropriate for an ad, then he shouldn’t have any place on their programming.”

Watch Faithful America’s ad below and read more on MSNBC Rejects Anti-Perkins Ad here.

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