Palm Springs Art Museum Expands To Palm Desert

By: Scott Ragan

The Palm Springs Art Museum has now expanded into Palm Desert with today's grand opening of the new 8,400 square-foot facility. The building itself is architecturally significant not only for its modern design, but also because of the designation as a high performance “green” building. Basically, it's a perfect mix of form and function.

Much like its older sibling in neighboring Palm Springs, the Palm Desert facility will feature ongoing world class exhibitions including sculpture, painting, photography, architecture and design. The interior of the building will house four separate gallery areas for rotating exhibits.

Outdoors, the sensory experience of the sculpture garden, with its 250,000 square feet of sculpted, rolling landscape covered with native plantings, winding pathways, and water features will be further enhanced by the addition of major sculptures in both abstract and representational styles, creating the most important sculpture garden between Los Angeles and Phoenix.

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