Louisiana’s War Against LGBT Students

By: Christopher Donaldson

As if adolescence wasn’t already hard enough, LGBT students in Louisiana have a new reason to fear for their existence.

In a 5-1 vote on Thursday, a state Senate committee overwhelmingly approved bill 217, which if passed into law would give publically funded charter schools the right to refuse to admit students based on sexual orientation, among other irrational and vile reasons such as English language skills.

The Advocate (not the LGBT publication of the same name) reports:

“State Sen. A.G. Crowe [pictured left], R-Slidell, said his bill is designed to ensure that executive branch agencies and local governments stop including bans on discrimination against characteristics not listed in state law as a condition for private companies to do business with their agencies. . . On the other side, state Sen. Ed Murray, the only “no” in the 5-1 vote by the Senate Labor and Industrial Relations committee, said the possibility of SB217 becoming law and negating the anti-discriminatory prohibitions in charter school contracts is “really scary.”

Though Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal refused to comment on the matter, his press secretary, Frank Collins, wrote in an email (or rather, his Tea Party propaganda machine): “We’re against discrimination, but we don’t believe in special protections or rights.”

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