Young Man Speaks in Conservative State About Gays & God

By: Rick Andreoli

This is Matthew Vines, a young man who grew up attending a conservative evangelical church in Kansas. He's gay, he loves God, and because of the internal and external conflict he faced between the two, he took a leave of absence from Harvard in 2010 and devoted himself to thorough research about the Bible and homosexuality. This journey culminated with a sermon Vines delivered at College Hill United Methodist Church in Wichita, Kansas on March 8, 2012. This was a progressive church, but many Christian conservatives were in attendence. In the taped version of his talk, he speaks on the theological debate regarding the Bible and the role of gay Christians in the church.

As Dan Savage noted on's blog, "You could argue that what Vines has to say is irrelevant to non-Christians. But Vines' argument and his insights are highly relevant to gay Christians, to their families, to Christians who point to the bible to justify their bigotry and the pain they inflict on LGBT people (including their own LGBT children), and to anyone who happens to live in a country that is majority Christian."

The presentation is long— a little over an hour— but it works within conservative theology to reach affirming conclusions. In his piece from The Huffington Post, Vines explains that his family and many friends accepted his talk, however not everyone got on board. Still, he urges viewers to learn from his arguments, "absorb them, and be able to repeat them whenever anyone, anywhere tries to make an anti-gay argument from Scripture. The Bible does not condemn loving gay relationships. It is not opposed to justice and equality for gay people, and in fact it supports their equal right to marry. Scripture can prove to be one of our greatest allies, if only we're reading it correctly."

Check out the video below or read the transcript. It's definitely worth your time.

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