North Carolinians Support for Anti-Gay Amendment One Drops, Still Likely to Pass

By: Michael Matson

On May 8th, North Carolinians will vote on Amendment One, which proposes to amend the state's constitution to define marriage as between one man and one woman. Same-sex marriage is already illegal in the state, but Amendment One goes further than even California's Prop 8—it limits civil unions and domestic partnerships to being between one man and one woman as well. If passed, LGBT families will have no legal protections in any form available to them. A simple majority is all that's required to make the bill law.

While both sides have waged a formidable battle, Amendment One still has solid support in the state. But equality advocates are making strides. The New Observer reports that a new PPP poll released Tuesday shows primary voter support for the proposed legislation has dropped four percentage points from a month ago to 54%. To stop Amendment One, that number must drop another 4.5% in the next two weeks. Unfortunately, Newt Gingrich, who won the GOP presidential primary in nearby Georgia and South Carolina, has come out in support of Amendment One.

In a just released video (watch here), Gingrich—who is often referred to as a "serial adulterer" in the gay blogosphere—spends nearly five minutes making his case to protect the "sanctity of marriage." And the GOP presidential wannabe's plea could convince confused voters to vote for the amendment.

The PPP poll shows that 10 percent of primary voters thinks Amendment One legalizes gay marriage, while another 27 percent are unsure what it would do. Protect All NC Families has spearheaded a campaign that includes videos to educate voters about the severity of the bill, including one featuring singer Clay Aiken (watch here)—a North Carolina native.

Check out two of Protect All NC Families commercials below. Then visit their website to find out what you can do to before May 8th to help prevent Amendment One from passing.

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