Beautiful British Gay Marriage Commercial

By: Rick Andreoli

An incredible new video called "Homecoming" has come out from the organization Coalition for Equal Marriage. Like the video "It's Time" that came out from Australia last year, it's simple in its approach but truly powerful in the execution.

Who are the creators? Conor and James, two gay men who started the site in response to a much-publicized campaign attempting to derail the British government’s plans to move toward greater equality for LGBT couples. The two write on their site, "We set up the Coalition for Equal Marriage site hastily in a couple of days, and launched it quietly on social media. We have no funding or staff and we are not part of some mysterious, all-powerful 'gay lobby.' We’re just a couple of guys in love who might want to get married one day, and we can no longer sit by quietly whilst those who would have us wiped off the planet are given ever more public pulpits."

The video is being used to motivate viewers to sign a petition supporting marriage equality. Check it out then visit their site to learn more.


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