Game-Changer: Barney Frank Slays Tony Perkins in Gay Marriage Debate

By: Michael Matson

This is our new favorite thing in the world.

Family Research Council president Tony Perkins appeared on Hardball Thursday to defend comments he made earlier this week about children not becoming gay if they are raised "the right ways to interact as human beings."

Openly gay congressman Barney Frank entered the debate swinging, immediately asking Perkins if he thought former Vice President Dick Cheney and wife Lynne had moral failings as parents because they raised a lesbian daughter. Frank's first punch left Perkins stunned and speechless.

Frank followed by quoting scripture, pointing out that Abraham practiced polygamy. Host Chris Matthews chimed in, noting that the Mormon Church redefined marriage from polygamy to monogamy. Perkins was left with only one argument: that marriage is for procreation. Matthews quickly shot that down:

"A marriage is not just spawning," said Matthews, "It's not just having kids. It's staying together; it's forming a family. Forming a family is what we are talking about here."

The buzz around this epic and game-changing debate resulted in Perkins trending on Twitter. Watch and enjoy it below.


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