How Do You Know When Your A&F Photoshoot Has Gone Wrong?

By: Jase Peeples

Clothing retailer Abercombie & Fitch has a history of being in hot water over risqué ads, but the company’s latest photoshoot to grab headlines was more Corbin Fisher than A&F according to one model.

Benjamine Bowers has slapped the family retailer and modeling agent Brian Hilburn with a $1 million lawsuit after the former store associate was asked to strip down and masturbate on camera by a photographer who wanted to capture Bowers’ perfect “relaxed look” during an Abercrombie photoshoot.

(Who hasn't used that excuse to get a hot guy naked before?)

According to TMZ:

“The suit claims during the June 17, 2011 shoot, Hilburn convinced Benjamine that he needed to display a relaxed look for his modeling portfolio, and the best way of achieving that look was to masturbate in front of the camera, so the photog could capture his expression immediately after orgasm. And for good measure, Hilburn allegedly told him the drill was to do the whole thing in the buff.

Benjamine says he was a trooper and took matters into his own hands during the shoot. But Ben says after he masturbated, Hilburn exposed himself and commented on the relative size of their penises.”

The most shocking part of this story isn’t that Bowers was asked to touch himself, (though that is pretty gasp-inducing), but that he actually went through with it!

Now we can’t help wondering if this is standard practice for all A&F photoshoots and if so, what did the models have to do to prepare for this video?

Can’t wait to hear Abercrombie’s official statement on this one.

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