Why Bisexuals Drink More Than Gays

By: Daniel Villarreal

A recent study from the University of Missouri found that bisexual college students abuse alcohol more often than their straight and gay classmates. Why? Because it sucks to be bi.

No, really.

The study followed 2,000 incoming college students for four years and interviewed them each semester about their sexuality and drinking habits.

The bisexuals and "students whose sexual orientation was in flux" reported more often that they drank to relieve anxiety and depression. They also had higher rates of uncontrolled drinking and withdrawal symptoms.

"One possible explanation," said MU psychology professor Amelia Talley, "is that people who aren't either completely heterosexual or homosexual may feel stigmatized by both groups."

She's probably right. How many times have you heard gay guys insinuate that bisexuals are either straight cock teases, all out sluts, or just gay guys in denial? Bisexuals have to deal with folks who assume they're "attracted to everybody," "will sleep with anything that breathes," or who tell them that they should just "pick a side."

It may just sound like harmless teasing, but studies have proven that bi-identified people experience more mental issues than gay or lesbian people as a result of such social exclusion.

So next time you start picking on a bisexual, remember, you could be contributing to an entire population's alcohol addiction.

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