Marcum LLP Launches Nationwide LGBT Practice Group


Marcum LLP, one of the largest accounting and financial advisory firms in the nation, announced yesterday that it has launched its LGBT and non-traditional family practice group.

That’s good news for same-sex couples and LGBT families who need help navigating the ever-changing landscape of tax and financial regulations, especially when you consider the second-class status given to gay men and women everywhere.

“Whether they are married, single, domestic partners or divorced, LGBT and non-traditional families deal with tax and financial issues that are byzantine, at best,” said Nanette Lee Miller, Marcum’s national leader and Partner-in-Charge of Assurance Services, in a press release. “LGBT and Non-Traditional Family accounting matters can be legislated by national, state or local government groups, or by regulation or judicial decision, requiring true expertise to navigate this complex web. Each of Marcum’s offices can provide the knowledge and experience to solve these challenges, no matter where needs arise.”

If you want to learn more about Marcum LLP and its LGBT and Non-Traditional Practice Group, click here.

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