Is Alleged Adult Film Cannibal Luka Magnotta Actually Innocent And Sane?

By: Daniel Villarreal

Luka Magnotta, the Canadian gay porn star who stands accused of killing, raping, eating, dismembering and mailing parts of his Chinese boyfriend Jun Lin (pictured left) has pled innocence, requested a trial by jury and refused a psychiatric evaluation.

This raises the question, could Magnotta actually be innocent or is this just proof that he's crazy?

Here's the problem: Magnotta still has to explain the "One Lunatic, One Icepick" video which seemingly shows him committing the crime. There's also the three YouTube videos of Magnotta thanking "his fans" that went onto YouTube while he was on the run from police.

Plus, keep in mind that even before his arrest, police were looking into whether Magnotta had tortured and killed kittens on camera. And now that he's been arrested, police are investigating whether he was involved with other Vancouver murders.

The odds don't seem to be in Magnotta's favor. But he seems to think he's sane enough to convince a jury of his innocence, which may be the craziest thing of all.

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