Gay Cruise Allegedly Boots Bel Ami Boys Into War Torn Country

By: Daniel Villarreal

East European gay porn studio Bel Ami is suing RSVP Vacations and Holland Line for allegedly booting a handful of Bel Ami models off a Mediterranean cruise onto the shores of war-torn Tunisia.

According to a suit filed in U.S. Federal Court, in 2011 RSVP Vacations and Holland had hired a handful of Bel Ami models (including spunky gay porn icon Johan Paulik) to "mix and mingle" with the cruise's gay passengers. But when Paulik and his pack gained too much attention, the cruise allegedly forced the boys off the boat. (totally NSWF, duh) elaborates:

[Bel Ami's] claims RSVP barred its crew from filming on the ship, despite the written agreement, and booted the models in Tunisia.

The models say RSVP took their passports and threatened to confiscate their belongings and equipment if they did not leave the ship.

That evening more rumors circulated, and it became clear that RSVP had informed passengers that they were forcing the Bel Ami models from the ship.

Emboldened by RSVP’s drastic measures and negative representation of the young men that was now being circulated, some passengers approached the young men and requested that they engage in sex for money. It was clear that the passengers now felt the young men were not worthy of even the most basic of human dignities. The young men of course refused these requests…

In the morning, the young men were forced off the ship, while hundreds of other passengers watched. They waited for hours, sitting on the curb next to the port while Mr. Benko attempted to obtain visas. Hungry, scared, humiliated, and despondent, they passed another sleepless night – this time in a strange country in the aftermath of a tumultuous civil uprising.

When they returned home, the young men suffered even more indignity as they were teased by friends about being forcibly removed from the ship. Blogs were already reporting the news, causing the young men further humiliation.

BAOL claims that RSVP, disregarding the models’ safety, “marooned them in an Islamic country in crisis,” without visas, without means of return or the ability to speak the local language.

It claims its reputation was damaged, and it spent more money to get the models home.

BAOL and the models seek compensatory and punitive damages for breach of contract, fraud, intentional interference with contract, negligence, and intentional and negligent infliction of emotional distress.

Zachary Sire of the porn blog TheSword (also, NSFW) confirmed with president of RSVP Cruise Lines, Jeff Gundvaldson, that the cruise line had a contract with the Bel Ami boys.

However, Gundvaldson refused to comment about anything that went down on the boat.

The Men of Porn blog however (yes, this site too is also NSFW, surprisingly) spoke with another cruise passenger, who shared the rumors that spread after the Bel Ami boys got the boot:

Rumors ran wild: one of the models was under 21; or, they weren't approved for filming on the boat and were caught; etc. We asked a Holland America employee. She said that SHE heard they were filming in places where they weren't supposed to be (perhaps the hydrotherapy pool in the spa), were asked to stop, but did it again. And thus they were asked to leave. Someone asked the head of RSVP. He said that they were NOT officially invited by RSVP, and did not make any special arrangements, and were asked to leave for unspecified reasons. I think it was Holland America that kicked them off, not RSVP. They must have been pretty disruptive for it to have come to that.

So either the Bel Ami boys are insatiable sluts who can't control their desire to film porn, even when asked by their employers. Or RSVP and Holland callously disposed of their invited porn guests, like so much cheap ticker tape upon a foreign shore.

Which party is to blame? We report! You decide… or something.

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