Chick-fil-A 'Charities' Thinks Gays Are Pedophiles Who Deserve Death

By: Daniel Villarreal

Today is Mike Huckabee's so-called "Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day", a day for "supporters of traditional marriage" to support the company's "Christian principles."


Except that the gay boycott on Chick-fil-A has nothing to do with the religious beliefs of the company's president, even though that what's most conservatives want the American public to think.

It has entirely to do with the fact that the company donates to certified anti-gay hate groups like the Family Research Council who think that homosexuality should be criminalized, that gays are child molesters and that gays can just start being straight if they just try hard enough.

And worst of all, the Family Research Council, which Chick-fil-A funds remember, actually lobbied the U.S. Congress asking them not to condemn Uganda's "Kill the Gays" bill, a law which sought to incarcerate or kill anyone suspected of being, knowing and not reporting an LGBT person.

They can put all the sauce they want to on that nasty little nugget, but it still tastes pretty rotten.

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