Southern Decadence Caused Hurricanes Isaac and Katrina?

By: Scott Ragan

Pat Robertson must be as giddy as a school girl right now knowing that Hurricane Isaac will sweep past Tampa during the first day of the Republican National Convention and instead take aim for the homosexuals massing in New Orleans for Southern Decadence.

Maybe the gays should have learned their lesson the first time around when Hurricane Katrina struck exactly seven years ago on August 29, 2005 - shockingly the same day as Southern Decadence kicked off. And now it's happening all over again. At least that's what Dr. John McTernan has warned on his radical religious sound board, Defend and Proclaim the Faith. According to McTernan, Isaac is actually God's final warning to America. Here's some of his fuzzy logic below.

"Isaac is projected to make landfall as a category 3, which would be the same power as Hurricane Katrina. The amazing thing about Katrina was it also hit on August 29, during the week of Southern Decadence in 2005! Katrina was the greatest natural disaster ever to hit America. Now seven years later, to the day, another hurricane is heading towards this city."

"The fact the events are seven years apart is very significant as this number is biblically important. It is the number of completion: God created the universe in seven days. The church, city and nation have not repented and the homosexual agenda is far worse than it was in 2005. New Orleans is still hosting Southern Decadence with open homosexuality manifesting in the streets of the city. It could be that God is putting an end to this city and its wickedness. The timing of Hurricane Isaac with Southern Decadence is a sign that God’s patience with America’s sin is coming to an end."

So what are all those sinful party people packed and ready for The Big Gay Easy supposed to do now? Has Southern Decadence been cancelled in order to spare the virtuous city of New Orleans from a second wrath of biblical proportion? Not quite. See what the organizers of Southern Decadence 2012 have to say about the current weather conditions and how they will manage the event due to the storm.


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