Hot Bears Migrate Further Mainstream for the Summer

By: Brandon Voss

Well, woof-de-doo, The New York Times seems to have finally discovered bear culture, thanks to the work of photographer Alan Charlesworth.

According to the profile, Charlesworth is a 30-year-old who “definitely doesn’t look like that ubiquitous image of the stereotypical gay man, but he’s not large or hairy, either.” Apparently, the poor guy's “lack of heft” hasn’t made it easy for him to break into certain body-focused bear circles on a personal level, but his snapping photos of them in their natural habitat has proven to be a good ice-breaker.

Although his subjects all defy the gay gym-bunny stereotype, the collection of photos displayed on Lens, the photography blog of the Times, showcase gay men of varying age, size, and hairiness — including cubs, otters, polar bears, and “whatever other strange woodland creatures.” After all, Charlesworth claims to have ultimately discovered that bear culture has less to do with body type and more to do with group acceptance regardless of appearance… you know, as long as you’re taking their picture at the time.

Would you feel comfortably cozy and cuddly among Charlesworth’s ursine friends?

Find more photos at his website,

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