How NOT To Handle An Anti-Gay Bully

By: Daniel Villarreal

For several weeks, a 14-year-old mallrat came into the shop of 39-year-old Christopher Whittle's boyfriend and called him a fruit and a faggot.

After seeing one such encounter, Whittle went to his car, grabbed some mace and then sprayed the girl the same way you might spray a kitchen drawer for roaches.

Now he's facing "four charges including assault with a weapon and possession of a dangerous weapon."

This is how NOT to handle an anti-gay bully.

By all means, stand up to her. Call security. Post her picture up at the mall so everyone knows she's a troll. Or videotape her and post it all over the internet, but don't make yourself look like a psychopath by spraying toxic chemicals into her eyes and nasal passages... especially when you're almost three times her age.

Talk about a hero fail. Crikey!

In his defense, Whittle said, "But at the time I guess I was just so upset with everything that had gone on, that's how I reacted," and, "I do regret how I handled it. I could have handled it differently."

That, boys and girls, is the understatement of the season.

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