Gays Party Harder Than Straights: A Good Thing?

By: Daniel Villarreal

According to a new infographic from Target 10—a marketing group whose "job is to make gay men and lesbians love your brand"—illustrates how gays spend more on drinking and going out than straights.

While that might make you think that gays party harder than straights, it also reminds us that LGBT people experience higher rates of alcoholism and substance abuse than the general population.

A recent brief by the Center for American Progress concluded that gays drink more to help cope with the societal prejudice they face and because alcohol companies heavily target the gay bars where LGBT people have historically congregated.

It's likely that Target 10 made the infographic as a way to win themselves new clients in the food and beverage industry. But their statistics—taken from the marketing research firm Experian—merely reiterate two things that have become general known: that gays buy lots of booze and that more companies are creating ads to get the pink dollars.

To see the entire infographic, click here

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