Abercrombie CEO Being Sued for His Strangely Decadent Flight Habits

By: Daniel Villarreal

If you like the intensely homoerotic feel of Ambercrombie and Fitch stores you might like to know that their gay CEO Michael Jeffries prefers the same feel on A&F's company jet. So much, that it has gotten him in some legal trouble. Jeffries is being sued in Philadelphia federal court by Michael Stephen Bustin, a 55-year-old corporate jet pilot who says he was fired from flying Jeffrie's A&F Gulfstream G550 jet because Jeffries wanted someone younger to fly it. 

As part of the suit, Bustin has disclosed an airplane manual outlining some of Jeffries' ridonkulous expectations for actors and models aboard A&F's flights: "Clean-shaven males had to wear a uniform of Abercrombie polo shirts, boxer briefs, flip-flops and a 'spritz' of the retailer’s cologne... Among the 40-plus pages of detailed instructions: black gloves had to be used when handling silverware and white gloves to lay the table, the song 'Take Me Home' had to be played when passengers entered the cabin on return flights and Jeffries’s dogs had different seating arrangements based on which ones were traveling."

Heyzeus Christo! This makes Jeffries seem like the lovechild of the decadent French monarch Marie Antoinette and millionaire OCD aviator Howard Hughes.

Blogger Rod McCullom also points out that this insane document has surfaced just after A&F has lost half its value and shuttered more than 180 U.S. locations in the past year.

A&F has also gotten bad press while settling several class action lawsuits over racist hiring practices. And most recently, McCullom adds, an A&F model filed a $1 million lawsuit against the brand claiming he was "ordered to masturbate to make him more relaxed in photo shoot." So that's how A&F models get that sexy, sleepy-eye look! Hmm... Even if shareholders give Jeffries the ol' heave-ho for his bad press and aristocratic flight demands, he still stands to gain $100 million from his stake in the business, which would make for a cushy retirement. With that kind of money, he could require whatever kind of music, underwear and canine seating arrangements he likes, without all the messy legal repurcussions.

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