CNN Anchor Carol Costello Is Happy To Support The 'Gay Gestapo'

By: Scott Ragan

Last week we witnessed CNN anchor Carol Costello triumphantly shut down American Family Association spokesman Bryan Fischer's opposition to Mix It Up at Lunch Day, an Oct. 30th event intended to reduce school bullying and increase tolerance by encouraging students to have lunch with people they don't normally associate with.

Fischer's interview was abruptly cut off by Costello after she read a statement that Fischer had once made, aligning gay Germans with Nazis. After he tried to explain the quote, Costello said his words could definitely be viewed as hate speech and the segment was ended.

Fischer responded this week by saying that Costello cut him off while he was explaining the immorality and severe health risks of being homosexual. "She showed you what the Gay Gestapo looks like in action, because she cut my water off just as soon as I started to talk about the health risks of homosexual behavior."

Costello responded after showing the video clip by saying, "Well Mr. Fischer, if that's your definition of the Gay Gestapo, then I'm a proud card carrying member."

Watch below as Carol Costello defends her actions and talks with Southern Poverty Law Center's Maureen Costello about the true meaning of the 11th annual Mix It Up at Lunch Day, and how over 250 schools were intimidated into pulling out of participating this year due to misinformation and homophobic rants by the AFA.

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