Wait. Poppers Are Making Gay People Blind Now?!

By: Daniel Villarreal

Since the disco days of the 1970s, poppers (that is, nitrate inhalants) have been a regular part of the Western sex and clubbing scene.

Poppers are supposed to give you a warm rush of sensation and increased blodflow to the heart and other muscles. But a recent study in the ophthamlogical journal Eye warns that poppers could also damage a person's sight, even after one use:

The study reports that a small group of patients in the North West, in Yorkshire and North Wales who are poppers users, have experienced fluctuating vision – their sight comes and goes. Some patients’ vision has recovered to normal when they stop using poppers. Some patients have experienced damaged vision after just one dose. It is the macula [the circular center of the retina rich in sight capable cells] which is affected.

The findings reflected those found in a similar French study a few years back. But if poppers have been around since the 1970s, why are we only hearing about their sight-damaging effects now?

The study's authors say that in recent years, some popper brands have switched from isobutyl nitrite to isopropyl nitrite, which might account for the more recent effects.

But whether you use poppers or not, this study could also affect your LGBT friends and younger people around the world who can legally buy poppers from corner shops for a cheap high.

If you're a fan, you might wanna lay off the little brown bottle for a while. Instead, you can try an old tried-and-true method to getting your sexual and dancing jollies... it's called booze.

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