Why is this Man's Virginity Worth Only $3,000?

By: Daniel Villarreal

When 20-something-year-old Alexander Stepanov answered an audtion ad that read "Virgins Wanted," he had no idea that he'd have his virginity auctioned off to the highest bidder.

Stepanov and a young woman named Catarina Migliorini both had their virginity sold as part of a documentary by Australian filmmaker Justin Sisley. To avoid legal issues, they will have sex for one hour in an airplane flying above international waters.

The auction winners will have to undergo a medical and criminal background check and they will not be allowed to kiss their virgins on the mouth. Nor will they be allowed to demand oral sex, use sex toys, invite friends or try any fetish play. On-site security personnell will make sure that the winners abide by these rules.

Super weird, right?

But what's even weirder is that Sisley won't even be filming the sex. Instead, he'll give Stepanov and Migliorini $20,000 for the rights to their stories and any money they win in their auctions.

The auction ended this month. Migliorini's virginity went for $780,000 to a Japanese man called Natsu. Stepanov's virginity, on the other hand, went for a mere $3,000 to a Brazilian woman known as Nene B.

The price might seem insultingly low if you don't think about the scores of other guys who have lost their virginity for far less.

Anyway, the incredibly huge difference in prices made us wonder: why did bidders pay 260 times more for Migliorini's virginity than for Stepanov's.

Maybe Stepanov's looks failed to excite a high bidding war. Or perhaps there are far more men than willing to competitively bid on sex. It could also be that the long-held cultural obsession over female virginity made Stepanov's "innocence" seem less valuable in comparison.

It all seems very strange and amusing in a bad reality television kind of way.

Amusing that is, until you read this depressing profile of Stepanov and learn that he hasn't so much as even kissed a girl. He also suffers from soul-crushing loneliness, has undergone two years of psychotherapy at the filmmaker's expense and he doesn't even want to have the sex anymore, though he's contractually obligated to do so.

Man... and you thought your first time was bad.

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