MUST HIT EVENT: The Lavender Effect

By: Christopher Donaldson

Some days, it seems as if people forget that Los Angeles isn’t just about the very pretty and the very tan who are almost never satisfied; it’s also about the greatest variety, which is to say, the courageous LGBT men and women who could no longer ignore their marginalized Southern California experience. At least, that is, in relation to the earliest stages of the gay rights movement.

Take, for example, the 1967 Black Cat Riots—largely credited as the first gay rights march—which predated Stonewall by two years and helped inspire the founding of The Advocate and the Metropolitan Community Church LA. Although we’ve heard little about it over the last couple of years, a resounding gay thud also spread across Los Angeles on November 11, 1950, when Harry Hay launched the Mattachine Society.

From that point forward a shift finally occurred in the City of Angeles away from silent agonizing toward individual expression and freedom. Yes, as someone more famous than me once said, it's time we live forward but understand backwards. That means that the gay community, especially in these delicate days, carries with it a crushing weight of stories and activists that can’t be taken for granted.

With all of that in mind, the Los Angeles based non-profit, The Lavender Effect, decided that it would very much like to celebrate our gay heritage and inspire future generations with an interactive LGBTQ museum and cultural center to showcase in the not-so-distant future Southern California’s colossal contributions to the modern gay rights movement (many of which are yet to be widely recognized).

And guess what darlings? They need your help. In other words, join The Lavender Effect on Saturday, November 17, at the West Hollywood Library for a special screening of the feature length documentary, "Anyone and Everyone," about several families from Utah to North Carolina and their varied reactions to the coming out process. A brief panel discussion moderated by Dan Berkowitz will follow. Even better, tickets cost only $10 with all of the proceeds benefitting The Lavender Effect and its efforts to promote Southern California gay culture.

“Though our community has made enormous strides over the past half-century, homophobia still exists, and the epidemic of suicide by gay teens continues," said Founding Executive Director Andy Sacher in a press release. "There is an urgent need to demystify the existence of LGBTQ persons, to educate both our own young people and the population-at-large of the enormous impact we have had, and continue to have, on civilization.”

West Hollywood Library
625 North San Vicente Boulevard
West Hollywood, CA 90069

Saturday, November 17, at 8:00 PM.
(free parking)

For more information about the event, visit

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