Judge Dismisses Gay Couple's Sex Toy Lawsuit Against Continental Airlines

By: Daniel Villarreal

Remember Christopher Bridgeman and Martin Borger?

They're the gay couple who found their double-headed jelly dildo slopped in grease and taped to their bag in the baggage claim after a Contintental Airlines flight from Costa Rica.

They took a picture (shown above) and then sued the airlines for negligence and invasion of privacy, but U.S. District Court judge Kenneth Hoyt recently dismissed their case, saying that baggage handling matters on international flights fall under an international treaty pre-empting such cases.

Continental also said that the men's complaint was addressed by the airline's standard “mishandling of baggage” claims process, a process which forbids customers from seeking damages.

While gay customers getting humiliated by rogue baggage handlers pisses us off, perhaps the lesson we can take away from all this is that you should never travel internationally with sex toys. Because there's nothing more embarrassing than finding your dildo taped on the baggage claim carousel or standing in front of a crowd while a TSA guard tries to figure out whether your beaded anal wand is a bomb.

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