Judge Dismisses Bel Ami's Lawsuit Against Gay Cruise Line

By: Daniel Villarreal

A Los Angeles federal judge just dismissed a lawsuit alleging that RSVP Vacations and Holland Line cruises marooned Bel Ami's twink porn stars on Tunisia's war-torn shores over an on board filming dispute.

Bel Ami claimed that the cruise line renegged on their offer to let the porn company film on board and then kicked the porn models stranded in Tunisia in breech of contract and as an intentional infliction of emotional distress — totes sad.

However, the cruise line says that they never made such a filming offer and that they did not force Bel Ami off board but rather asked them to relinquish their filming equipment for the rest of the trip or else disembark of their own free will.

The cruise line also claims that they suggested the twinks get off (tee hee) at gay-friendly Palermo, Italy instead of anti-gay Tunisia, but alas! None of this really matters anyway because the judge tossed the case out on jurisdiction grounds.

Turns out that an East European porn company can't pursue U.S. federal charges against separate Dutch and American businesses when none of the plaintiffs are American citizens. D'oh!

And while we're always sad to hear about twinks in distress, we'd love to see whatever Bel Ami was filming on board.

Is it called Twinks in Distress? Because that would make a killer title.

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