STUDY: Are Straight Girls More Attracted to Gay and Bi Guys?

By: Daniel Villarreal

Gay and bi animals exist throughout the wild kingdom, but is it possible that exhibiting homosexual behavior actually makes men more attractive to women?

Several ecology and evolution professors at the University of Frankfurt posed this question when examining a tropical freshwater fish named Poecilia mexicana, and here's what they found:

"In most species... males that engage in same-sex sexual behaviour also mate with females, and in theory, same-sex mating could even increase male reproductive fitness if males improve their chances of future heterosexual mating."

"Females regularly use social information to choose a mate; e.g. male attractiveness increases after a male has interacted sexually with a female (mate choice copying). Here, we demonstrate that males of the tropical freshwater fish Poecilia mexicana increase their attractiveness to females not only by opposite-sex, but likewise, through same-sex interactions."

"Hence, direct benefits for males of exhibiting homosexual behaviour may help explain its occurrence and persistence in species in which females rely on mate choice copying as one component of mate quality assessment."

This is a big deal (as we'll discuss below), but before you start blabbing to your straight friends about how hetero girls secretly want 'mo bros, let us remind you that this is a study of one specific kind of fish and that we'll need more data before we can apply it to human animals with any certainty.

But let's apply it to humans for just a sec to think about what this study might mean.

For decades, right-wing Christianists have called homosexuality un-natural and add that it provides no social benefit.

Point out the fact that many animal species in nature are gay and they'll say that God did not intend us to act like a bunch of dumb, gay animals.

This study not only reaffirms the "naturalness" of homosexuality, but goes a step further by suggesting that gay behavior may actually help the mating process.

Why, evolutionarily speaking, would a female find homosexual behavior attractive in a mate? After all, if a woman can't tell a guy's sexuality or is worried about losing him to another dude, wouldn't she just look for another fish in the sea?

It could be that guys who are more open with their sexuality convey a greater sense of confidence, safeness and sexual ability. That is, if a guy shows that he can relate to other guys without seeming like a predatorial and territorial mack-daddy douchebag, he'll probably stick around with a minimum of drama.

And if a guy is interested in guys and girls, that suggests an eagerness to share his seed, increasing chances for fertility and conception.

When taken into consideration with the earlier study this week that examined how homosexuality develops in the womb, the 'un-natural' Christianist argument is starting to lose ground.

Even anti-gay preacher Rick Warren has started calling homosexuality 'natural' (like arsenic) and right-wing hatemonger Bryan Fisher has begun wondering whether gays will try to stop the widespread abortions of gay children inside the womb.

We likely would oppose anti-gay abortion, which could place us "un-nantrual homos" and anti-abortion religious types on the same side (a funny turn of events). But the acknowledgemnet that homosexuality is natural also takes the wind right out of the sails of those who try to claim that gay teachers and TV characters "turn their kids gay."

No they don't. God/Mother nature does. Duh.

And if anything, the acknowledgement that "males [who] engage in same-sex sexual behaviour also mate with females" may point to the larger reality that (as Honey Boo Boo said) "everybody's a little gay" and that "bisexuality" (or fluid sexuality more accurately) is likely the most pervasive form of animal sexuality rather than 100 percent gay or straightness.

That is, fuck labels. Sometimes guys who like guys also sleep with women and vice versa. And doing so may actually be much better for society than anyone ever thought.

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