Gay Radio Hosts Artfully Fight Back Against Vandalism

By: Brandon Voss

Boy, somebody really hates the Craig & Robbie Hour billboard.

Erected near the corner of Beverly Boulevard and La Brea in Los Angeles, the ad was vandalized twice — first defaced with purple paint and then shot with white paintballs. Festive, eh? Not so much.

After the second vandalization, gay radio hosts Craig Olson and Robbie Laughlin hired local artist Jaime Ochoa to turn the ruined billboard into "a message of hope," according to the Los Angeles Times.

Originally fighting over a microphone, Olson and Laughlin now have their arms lovingly wrapped around the Earth. Those white paint splotches have been transformed into religious symbols, a dove, and a child holding a sign reading "Peace." In other words, it's very subtle. 

Although the hosts have no proof that the vandalism was sending an antigay message, they suspect it was a hate crime; they've heard that some passersby told installers that the sign was "too gay for our neighborhood." Referring to the paintballs, Olsen told the Times, "somebody had to take a gun, and I was a target. This felt more violent... I felt like somebody had smacked me across the face and said, 'Get out.' But I wasn't going to roll over."

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