Dan Savage: How LGBTs Can Thank Our Hetero Allies

By: Daniel Villarreal

Gay writer and activist Dan Savage would love to throw a huge party to thank all the heterosexual activists, voters and politicians who helped change people's minds and win LGBT equality at the ballot box during the 2012 elections.

The only problem is that there's no way we could fit all those straight people into a single place.

That's why he's created Straight Up Thanks, a Tumblr where LGBT people can share their gratitude for all the heteros fighting for queer rights.

"If you're a queer person whose straight friends worked hard to win marriage equality—worked phone banks, knocked on doors, spoke out, gave money," the site says, "send us a photo and a couple of sentences about what your straight friends did. Click on SUBMIT, upload a photo, and thank your straight friends publicly!"

"If you're a straight person who worked for marriage equality…" it continues, "THANK YOU!"

We're not sure if his latest venture will have the same traction as his "It Gets Better" video campaign, but if a few gay celebs gave their thanks, it'd certainly help.

Also, while it's nice to that more of us can get married now, can some of our straight friends also help us find suitable boyfriends? Just sayin'.

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