Nowhere Is Safe: Gays Assaulted in a Barbra Streisand Movie

By: Daniel Villarreal

If there's any place gay men should be safe, it's in a Barbra Streisand movie. But alas! No.

When 23-year-old Walt Jamison (left) and his three gay pals took their seats at a Lafayette, Louisiana showing of Streisand's new movie The Guilt Trip, an older man behind them said "Oh great" and "called them a derogatory name aimed at their sexual preference" — we're gonna assume it rhymed with "maggot."

When Jamison's partner stood up and said, "Excuse me? (you can almost hear his incredulous tone), the alleged assailant — 37-year-old Joseph Menard, Jr. (right) — "stood up and leaned over us and started screaming hate slurs peppered with profanities," according to Jamison's recount.

Menard reportedly did this in front of his wife and kid (what a prince!). And when another woman in the theater asked him to stop yelling for her childrens' sake, he reportedly insulted her and told her to sit down.

Yes. Sit down woman, with all your reasonable requests... and decorum. I am busy harassing these no-good homosexuals what with their fashionable clothes and love of film.

But then Menard turned it up to eleven by allegedly punching Jamison's partner in the back of the head. When Jamison's partner left the theater to go find management, Menard allegedly took a swing at Jamison "grazing his cheek and knocking his glasses to the floor."

Menard's lucky that the theater wasn't filled with gay homosexuals. They would have destroyed him with their withering stares and sharp-tongued comments alone.

The Menards did not stick around to harass other gays or watch Streisand's delightful comedy. Instead, they fled in their SUV and later on, mommy and daddy were arrested on charges of resisting arrest and simple assault. We hope their kid doesn't grow up to be like them.

The cops have not charged Mr. and Mrs. Hater with a hate crime even though Menard's anti-gay comments are in the official report, but the judge might choose to do so seeing as Louisiana has a hate crimes statute... we shall see.

In a video interview with The Advertiser, Jamison said, "I want people to know that not only is [Menard's] behavior obviously unacceptable, and he has suffered consequences and hopefully will continue to suffer consequences as a result."

He added, "Just because you're different does not mean that you have to take this lying down."

He's right. Babs wouldn't. Neither should we.

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